On the fly make-up application!

Put your best face forward in less than 5 minutes!

Look your best in less than 5 minutes without if feeling like a chore. Before applying, always use hand sanitizer. It is good practice at home or applying make-up on the train. The first area to look is under your eyes, as it is the focal point. Start the application of the concealer using Embellished Eye Fix at the inner corner of your eyes, and bring concealer below the eye socket. Blend it down toward the cheekbone as it will lift and soften your features. you can use your fingers, for optimal results, use a brush.

Next use Embellished Bronze and Brighten as an all over bronzer and blush. Start by smiling and applying at the apple of your cheeks and sweeping up towards your hairline. Then sweep all over your face for an all over glow. Bronze and Brighten can also be used as a highlighter and eye shadow.

Eyebrows frame the face. Embellished Eyebrow Perfector and Shadow can be used to shape your brows and be used as eye shadow. It has an eyebrow brush to apply the eyebrow powder. It is in a darker shade and is accompanied with a wax that sets the brows. When applying it as eye shadow, use the vanilla shade from the lid to the brow bone. This opens up and brightens the eye. To contour you can use the medium eye shadow or darker shade that is used for the brows. The darker shade can also be used to line the lids, and with a wet applicator, you can create a cat eye.

Embellished Lash Luxe is the perfect black to define and separate lashes.

For a pop of color, use Embellished lip cremes. Long lasting and are incredibly moisturizing.

Notice there is no mention of foundation. This look is to get you out the door with the bare minimum on fly. Stay tuned for the tutorial with Embellished Foundation!

Simple=Beautiful, Never Boring.