Gray is Beautiful!!

Gray hair has been trending the last several or so years. Millennials are using this hue solely alone or integrating it with a pop of color. My mature clients would marvel how a young generation chose gray as a color, while they sit in my chair every 4 weeks.

In the last year, I have had clients that inherited beautiful gray locks and were ready to commit to the process of growing out their color. When they fully embraced that there was a commitment to decolorizing their existing color and regular trims, the pay off was amazing!

One client in particular had toyed with the idea for over a year. It wasn’t until she had retired early and began taking extended trips on her boat to the Caribbean and New England, that she decided to take the plunge. 

This client was unique in that she was not only ready, but was comfortable enough in her own skin that she saw the beauty in the process. She willingly joined Facebook communities for women who were transitioning their hair into glorious gray locks. Her husband was behind her 100 percent. 

The journey is one of patience and understanding. Gray hair has become ageless and has created a new client for those choose to do it on their own terms.

Simple=Beautiful, never Boring !

Deborah Balta