Box color. Why it is more costly.

Box color isn’t a one size fits all. It doesn’t address your natural underlying pigment, previous hair color, regrowth, hair texture and porosity. Over time it can be drying and detrimental to the condition of your hair. As colorists, we create formulas for our clients based on each of their specific needs. A recipe that is only theirs and only theirs. Corrective color is an expensive endeavor as a result of going lighter or darker when using box dye. Metallic salts are the culprit and are a stylists enemy. Especially, if you are looking to go lighter. When using bleach to foil the hair on top of box color it can heat the hair up and also come up unevenly. We take precautions such as clarifying and conditioning prior to chemical treatments to negate any and all buildup and mineral deposits. There are no guarantees. The outcome at the salon and a prescription of hair products is to protect your investment. As hairstylists, we love what we do and want you to feel beautiful and maintain the integrity of your crowning glory.

Simple=Beautiful, never Boring!

Deborah Balta