Make the most of your Hair and Makeup Trial.

Plan for peace of mind for your upcoming nuptials.  Even the most organized can get frazzled. Planning hair and makeup may seem trivial, but when done with the right planning it’s two less items off of your list.

Building a relationship with your stylist will take a lot of the unknowns out of the desired outcome.  Clear lines of communication will insure for a stress free Wedding Day!

Be prepared:  Utilize Pinterest and other Social Media sites for your hair and makeup looks.Makeup:  Bring your own makeup bag.  The stylist can build on your day to day palette.

Questions:  Ask lots of them!  The more you and your stylist communicate, the better the experience!

Your Look:  Are you having a beach or more formal wedding?  Think about how this will translate in relation to your dress and it’s neckline.

PreTrial Preparation
The day of your pre trial, be sure to know whether or not your hair and makeup should be prepped.  Washed hair or a day old, clean skin or cleansed and moisturized and hour prior. If you are planning to spray tan or have a brow shaping, have that done ahead of  time!


Let’s do This.
Get Social:  
Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs!  Create a wedding vision board.
Create your bridal calendar:
12 month, 9 month, 3-8 month, and 1-3 months leading up to your big day!
Bridal apps:
right gift
Appy couple
wedding party
the knot

Health and Wellness:
Have fun list:
-Cocktail parties with friends
-E-newsletter to the Wedding Party

“It’s your Happily Ever After, Make it Beautiful!”


Hair: Deborah Balta

Make up: Daphne Antoine

Photo Credit: Karla Korn